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Organising Medicines

For patients who have trouble managing their medicines or remembering when to take them, we offer Medico Pak compliance packing. We can organise your medicines into calendar packs so that you take the right dose of the right medicine at the right time. Talk to any of our staff about Medico Pak.  All of our Medico Paks are manufactured on our Alpaca robot.

Medicine Utilisation Review Service

We offer a complete Medicine Utilisation Review service to help you organise and understand your medicines. Bring in all of your medicines and one of our pharmacists will help you with your medicine problems and concerns. This is a government-funded service with no patient costs. If you feel you would benefit from this service please contact us to see if you are eligible.

Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP)

Reduce the risk of pregnancy following contraceptive failure or unprotected sex with an emergency contraceptive pill (ECP or morning after pill). All our pharmacists are accredited to supply the emergency contraceptive without a prescription.  Our private consultation room will ensure your privacy – and you don’t need an appointment.  Come in today – the ECP is best taken as soon as possible!

Oral Contraceptive Pill - without a prescription

The oral contraceptive pill is now available without a prescription from our accredited pharmacists. If you have previously been prescribed an oral contraceptive pill by your doctor and are generally in good health, you may be eligible to purchase the same oral contraceptive from our pharmacists. The pharmacist will need to work through a checklist and, if eligible, you will be able to purchase up to 6 months of oral contraceptive tablets at a time.

The combined oral contraceptive – without a prescription – is available to women in good health aged 16-39 years of age.  Brands available to be purchased without a prescription include Ava, Loette, Microgynon, Levlen, Monofeme, Brevinor and Norimin.

The progesterone only pill or mini-pill – without a prescription – is available to women in good health aged 16-52 years of age.  Brands available to be purchased without a prescription include Cerazette, Microlut and Noriday.

Our private consultation room will ensure your privacy – and you don’t need an appointment.

Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's)

Urinary Tract Infections – often called UTIs, cystitis or bladder infections – are a problem for many women. Through our professional pharmacy services, we are able to offer effective treatment to women between the ages of 16 and 65, who are not pregnant.  The treatment is a three-day course of trimethoprim 300mg. Our pharmacist will work through a checklist with you, to make sure this treatment is appropriate for you.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Our pharmacists have undertaken additional training and are now able to dispense an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) without a prescription. This treatment is only available to males with ED, between 35 and 70 years of age, who don’t smoke and who are in good health. As part of our professional pharmacy services, our pharmacists can assess you through a series of questions in our consulting room to ensure the treatment is suitable to you. If appropriate, you will be able to purchase Silvasta® (sildenafil) from us for 12 months without a prescription, if you have no change in health. This ED medicine is also available in New Zealand as Viagra® and Vedafil®.


Influenza Vaccine

The flu or influenza is a severe illness which can affect even the healthiest people putting children and the elderly at great risk. As part of Northcross Pharmacy’s professional pharmacy services, we offer influenza vaccinations with a quadrivalent influenza vaccine.

In 2024, Influvac Tetra is the subsidised vaccine.  It protects against the 4 flu strains expected to hit New Zealand this winter.  

We are vaccinating now and everyday. No appointment is required.  We can vaccinate everybody from 13 years and over.  

The cost is $38 if you are not eligible for a subsidised vaccine.

Flu vaccinations are FREE for people aged 65 years and over, pregnant women and certain special health groups. Please ask if you qualify.  

If you are by yourself you do need to wait instore for 20 minutes. If you bring another adult you only need to wait 5 minutes. 

If you wear a loose fitting top or shirt it allows us better access to your deltoid muscle on your upper arm which is the vaccination site.

Warfarin Management - INR Measurement

One of our latest professional pharmacy services at Northcross Pharmacy is our Community Pharmacy Anticoagulation Management Service. Our accredited pharmacists can provide INR testing via a small finger prick test and can adjust your warfarin dosage as needed. This is done with full agreement and knowledge of your general practitioner. Our pharmacist will give you a printed record of your next warfarin dose and text, email or ring you when your next test is due. For eligible patients there is no charge for this service. Talk to your GP today to find out if you qualify for the free Anticoagulant Management Service.

If you have visitors from overseas who take warfarin, we can measure their INR.  No appointment is required – just bring them in and one of our pharmacists will measure their INR while you wait.  There is a fee for this service.

Clozapine Dispensing - Aseptic Dispensing

Northcross Pharmacy offers dispensing as part of our professional pharmacy services. We are approved for Clozapine and aseptic dispensing. Our pharmacists are fully aware of the Clozapine Protocol. As a requirement, we will need to check your blood tests prior dispensing the appropriate dose of Clozapine to you. We are also able to prepare syringe drivers for palliative care.

Translator Service

Northcross Pharmacy has staff members that can speak, Korean, Mandarin and Serbian. We also have access to a telephone translation service which can cover many national languages. It is available from 9am-5pm weekdays.

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